Fika 2.0

Have I ever told you, what a fika is?

I think, I never have, although it’s so essential to the Swedish culture!

And what am I now going to mean with Fika 2.0?
Well, it’s my little virtual version of a break & socialising with you.

Or, in other words: It’s a post where I bomb yoou with all the things I recently found online and that mattered to me. Continue reading

From Childhood Memorabilia to Wall Art



ScarfWeek2015-Logo1Hello! Welcome to the last day of this fun Scarf Week!
I’ll jump at the chance to thank Lauren & Vanessa for co-ordinating this week – ladies, it was pleasure to be part of it :)

Bandana // Childhood Memorabilia to Wall ArtNow, on to todays project.

As a child I used to have a lot of bandanas. And they still exist! Most of them at my parents place but some time ago I took one home with me. It’s the one that I remember most, maybe because there is photographic evidence of it… I think, I’ve definitely loved it as a child, judging on how sun-bleached and worn-out it looks!

I wanted to have that bandana somewhere in my home but it was clear that I was not going to wear it again. So I reused it in a different way. Continue reading

How To Construct and Knit a Triangular Shawl



ScarfWeek2015-Logo1Hello again!

A few notes before I start – this post is not  teaching how to knit at all and neiter will I provide a complete pattern.

Instead in this post I will explain the logic behing triangular shawls – where to yarn over/make 1 and on which side to start.

So this is more a post for a knitter who already understands a bit of what he/she’s doing.

Triangular Shawls are more or less easy to knit. More easy. It only get’s more comlicated if you choose to include a lace pattern or such in the rows. And that’s also the fun part: You can make nearly every pattern!


Continue reading

Rorschach Inspired Art with Yarn



ScarfWeek2015-Logo1Do you know Rorschach test or Klecksography? It’s a psychological test, and as far as I learned about it in school, also highly controversial.

On another note, how awesome is the word Klecksography?? Klecks is actually the German word for (ink-) blob and I’m very entertained by the fact that they named a (more or less) academic test with this word… source: wikimedia

Anyway, besides having an use in psychology (or not), these Klecksography-pictures just look really great and are also fun to make by your own! So shall we start? Usually you would make Klecksogrpys just by putting an inkblot in the middle of two pages paper, but I came with a little twist on that to create larger art! Also, inkblots will not really work with most colors, as they are too viscous. But by following my little tutorial, you’ll get your paint spread more than usual. Continue reading


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