The joy of blogging, friends and gift-giving! And a giveaway!


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Für meine deutschsprachigen Leser:
Ihr könnt ebenfalls gerne am Giveaway teilnehmen, aber da das Buch auf Englisch ist, habe ich mir gedacht, dass ihr dann auch in der Lage sein müsstet, diesen Artikel auf Englisch zu verstehen. Daher heute keine Übersetzung :)

One of the main reasons I always come back to blogging even after the hectic and chaotic times in life, when I completey forget that I have a blog? Like the time I have right now… You! You as in all my readers and all the other bloggers I’ve met so far. And the friendhips that have evolved.
It’s a thing I hadn’t expected at all but it’s also the one thing I am so very grateful for.

You know, what’s even more exciting than just making new friends across the whole world?
When these friends start something, that’s important to them and you are accompanying it and watch it growing and coming to life.

Thinking Outside The Gift Box @thinkingclosetThis just happened over the last few months.
I watched Lauren from The Thinking Closet realizing one of her dreams: To publish a book. I was part of her “eBook Insiders Club” and got mails from time and time and could watch her dream coming true step by step. Let’s just say it was awesome.

And today is finally the day. The book is available for purchase. You can just simply go here and buy it. And I recommend, you do that!

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Thrift Finds

These are things I actually found back in summer on our local flea market.

I plan to use the cookie cutters as christmas decorations Oh, and friends who are with you and don’t even question that you’re buying christmas decoration on one of the hottest summer days are definitely friends to keep!

And the Dalahorse? Because Dalahorse.
And because it was an orignal one. As you can see. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read all about it here in my handy little guide!


Extra Thin Apple Tarte With Rosemary


Hey guys! It´s me again.

I hope you liked the “Monster Dough Chocolate Chip Muffins” from my last guest post.
Today I have a super delicious and extra thin apple tarte with rosemary in tow.
I actually wanted to make something suitable for halloween for my second guest post here, but somehow I had no right idea for something baked for it. Actually we not really celebrate halloween here.
So I was thinking, for something suitable to bake for autumn.
Because our apples trees in garden have hanging some super delicious apples on their tree branches now, I wanted to bake something with apples.
I thought first about a tarte tatin, which my mom already had baked after a recipes by Jamie Oliver (or was it Tim Mälzer) some time ago, but I remembered that this was a very slippery affair.

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