The Good Life: Who are you, if the power goes out?

The Good Life

Hello people! Did you noticed my recent absence?
I wasn’t really away. I was still here and working behind the scenes and reading your blogs… I just tried to limit my time on the computer to a certain amount of hours per day. And so there was no time left to write own posts.

Da bin ich wieder. Auch wenn ich nicht richtig weg war. Ich war noch hier, habe hinter den Kulissen gearbeitet und eure Blogs gelesen. Aber ich habe mich selbst gezwungen, nur eine gewissen Zahl an Stunden vor dem Computer zu verbringen. Und da blieb dann keine Zeit mehr, Beiträge zu schreiben.

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The Creative Collective No. 13 // I’m spoiled and blessed.

The creative Collective

July 16 // A Change of Perspective

Think of an area of your identity where you are part of the privileged or “dominant” group. Write a diary entry or PSA from the perspective of someone from an opposite group. Discuss what makes your life both difficult and beautiful. (For example, if you’re heterosexual, write from the perspective of someone who is not). Some identities to consider: your gender, religion, sexual identity, race, ethnicity, nationality, ability status (i.e. disability or not), etc. Let this activity be meaningful. Don’t allow yourself to feel ashamed or guilty for your privilege — these are not constructive emotions. Instead, hone the experience of others so that you can become more empathetic and open-minded.

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Motivating Clothes Hanger

The idea to this DIY began in early May, when Johanna posted the following pic as part of her Monday Inspiration:
Die Idee zu diesem kleinen DIY bekam ich im Mai, als Johanna das folgende Bild als Teil ihrer Monday Inspiration postete:

I really admired this idea to start the day with a little motivation and confidence boosting, when you take your clothes out. Sadly I have no wood burning tool. But I do have a retro style label maker!
Ich fand die Idee toll, gleich schon morgens etwas motivierter in den Tag zu starten. Leider hab ich kein fancy Lötkolben. Dafür aber einen schicken retro style Labelmaker!

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